Black Boots


For months (?!) now, I have been looking for the perfect leather boots, and here they are! They are from Zara’s current main collection, and I actually saw them a few weeks ago and checked them out although I didn’t like the texture of the leather at the time – it looked a little cheap close up. This time, I actually had a go trying them on, and they are the perfect fit and for some reason I saw them in a different light ..and I liked it.

Why do I think they are THE boots? Firstly, they are comfortable to wear. “Comfort is key!”. The material is made up of leather so your feet shouldn’t sore in them and they should last some time! The heel isn’t set too high, but it is at the perfect level to make your legs look wonderfully elongated. I also love the way the neck of the boots narrow and stretch quite high above the ankle. I cannot wait to wear these out properly. I’ll post some outfit photos soon with them on.


Kim xo


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